A Congress of Pussies

Posted by Donald Trump Store USA on

If Congress doesn't man-up and quit being pussies.... they are done. Republican Congressmen need to understand, they are being forced to take a side by the American people. They can quit trying to appease everyone, quit trying to take the safe road, quit trying to not offend everyone, or they may as well just don their pink pussy hat and sit down, because they are politically done. One thing I can safely say of the conservative American public right now is this: They do not like political pussies! 

Today, President Trump came out and boldly said of the four freshman, liberal, socialists 'gang of four' congresswomen, that if they don't love the USA then they are welcome to leave. Seems simple enough. Immediately, as could be predicted, the liberal Left and the liberal media took their opportunity to once again throw down the racists card. It had absolutely nothing to do with race, but a simple, reasonable message. 

Now what was more shocking is that instead of republicans coming to the President's defense and thwarting the misquote and leftist propoganda; they retreated like cowards or even worse, came on the air to distance themselves from such 'tough and racist' talk. Hey listen up Republicans, do you know why you are going to lose your seat in Congress and the trust/respect of the American people? It is because you are a pussy and a coward! That is it!

What you fail to realize, is that the more you stand strong, the more you say it like it really is and not what you think the press wants to hear, the more you support and fight for this President, the stronger you appear and the more respect you will garner. Why can't you get this? The time for bowing to media and liberal pressure is OVER!!! Fight now or you will not get the chance to fight again. America loves a fighter. American loves a straight talker. America loves a patriot. America hates weakness and cowardness. America hates an appeaser. America hates weakness. Learn this lesson or you will learn it the hard way in 2020. 

Support this President with everything you have and with everything you say. Stand up to the left. If you do this, you will see a Red Tsunami in 2020 like never before in history. Don't..... and you can just sit down now and wear your pussy hat like the rest. MAGA or pussy.... your call!